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  • A Few Samples from Virtually Marj's Portfolio!

    WordPress Website Design by Virtually Marj
    Vegetable Fruit Carving Sales Site

    My WordPress Website Design services were retained to set up sales pages on the WordPress platform for a unique and specialized niche marketer who wanted to promote their products and membership site.



    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize Wordpress on client domain
    2) Select and customize sales page theme
    3) Design pages and load content for prescribed monetization tactics
    4) Instruct client in HTML, CSS, and WordPress
    5) Develop easiest method for semi-nontechnical client to update and add their sales pages

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) PHP
    4) MySQL
    5) Photoshop
    6) WordPress internals

    A Well Seasoned Kitchen Shop

    When my client envisioned a website for her publication, the site that was designed was primarily intended for promotion and sales of her acclaimed cookbook, A Well-Seasoned Kitchen. The client was unhappy with the limitations of the Shopping Cart plugin that had been implemented by her previous webmaster. My services were retained to design and implement a full-featured shopping cart.

    For this project and based on the features and functions that my client was requesting, I recommended the use of CS-Cart software.

    Project tasks:

    1) Installation of CS-Cart software
    2) Design and implement custom CS-Cart skin
    3) Configure shipping features and functions per customer specification
    4) Customize CS-Cart application for gift wrapping
    5) Load products and SEO optimize content
    6) Enable SSL certificate for domain
    7) Test and implement payment processing
    8) Train client in the use of their new application

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) Photoshop
    4) CS-Cart Internals
    5) Ecommerce
    6) PHP
    7) MySQL
    8) Payment Gateway API

    Creating Luminaries

    My WordPress Website Design services were retained to set up a self-hosted WordPress website for a collegue. She already had a domain name but did not have her own hosting account so I recommended a good hosting service. I helped my client redirect her domain name and set up her new self-hosted blog. Shortly after we had gone live, she was contacted by a business who indicated that her previously selected domain name was a trademark infringement so we got to move the site to a brand new domain.

    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize WordPress
    2) Design custom banner graphics
    3) Customize elements of the theme per the client tastes
    4) Move blog ... twice
    5) Train client on usage of new software and plugins

    6) Online Branding Consulting

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) Photoshop
    4) PHP
    5) MySQL

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