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  • A Few Samples from Virtually Marj's Portfolio!

    WordPress Website Design by Virtually Marj
    Discount Talk Australia

    My WordPress Website Design services were retained through an oDesk contract to properly setup and configure a premium theme on the WordPress platform. I was told that my profile was selected because I was the only developer who discussed the importance of SEO in their proposal.


    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize WordPress on new hosting
    2) Apply theme customizations per customer specifications
    3) Develop graphics for logo images and theme elements
    4) Research and short-list optimal keywords for site launch

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) PHP
    4) MySQL
    5) Photoshop
    6) Niche Market/SEO research


    After a brief introduction by a mutual friend, this businessman retained my WordPress Website Design services to develop a platform for his budding business and help the company establish an online presence.



    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize WordPress
    2) Design logo graphics
    3) Customize Studiopress Theme
    4) Design print materials including letterhead, businesscards, envelopes, marketing brochures.
    5) Load initial site content 6) Setup method for employees to access company sensitive information through the website

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) PHP
    4) MySQL
    5) WordPress internals
    6) Photoshop
    7) Adobe Illustrator

    My Daily Sales Coach Membership

    This San Diego Sales Performance Expert wanted to bring his training online. After some strategizing about his business idea, we decided to use WordPress as a CMS and repository for his membership-based video training series.

    Project tasks:

    1) WordPress installation and optimization
    2) Select, activate and configure plugins
    3) Install and configure Wishlist Member plugin
    4) Install and configure DAP Membership Plugin
    5) Convert PSD to WordPress theme
    6) Video production and embedding
    7) Business consulting and Online Branding Strategy

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) Photoshop
    4) WordPress internals
    5) PHP
    6) MySQL
    7) Camtasia

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