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  • A Few Samples from Virtually Marj's Portfolio!

    WordPress Website Design by Virtually Marj

    My WordPress Website Development skills were retained by this client through an oDesk contract. The project undertaking was fairly significant in that this client wanted to migrate a 10-year hold HTML website to WordPress using the Thesis theme. Graphics from the old website were not consistent with the newer and wider website designs so I was also hired to recreate his established logo graphics.

    My client and I had several strategy sessions bout the WordPress site architecture and how to use plugins and core WordPress code to assemble the content in a similar way as was possible with simple HTML.

    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize WordPress
    2) Install and customize Thesis
    3) Design site architecture
    4) Select, install and configure plugins
    5) Logo graphic design
    6) Train client in use of WordPress and software
    7) Port HTML pages to WordPress

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) Photoshop
    4) PHP
    5) MySQL
    6) WordPress internals
    7) Thesis
    8) Database architecture

    Live Blog Training!

    My WordPress Website Design services were retained as part of a JV to establish a membership site that would permit access to premium content for paying webinar members. This venture occurred in 2009 so the training videos are now available at no cost but the site will remain in use for future webinars and my own premium content.


    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize Wordpress
    2) Customize WordPress Flex theme
    3) Design pages and load content for prescribed monetization tactics
    4) Implement Wishlist Member Plugin to secure video training content

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) PHP
    4) MySQL
    5) Photoshop
    6) WordPress internals

    Vegetable Fruit Carving Members

    This site owner needed a venue to host her training videos for her unique and fascinating niche of vegetable and fruit carving. We agreed to proceed with another WordPress Website and to use the Wishlist member plugin to secure and sequence the release of her video based lessons.


    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize WordPress
    2) WordPress Website Design and Studiopress theme customizations.
    3) Install and configure standard plugins
    4) Install, configure and test Wishlist Member
    5) Train client in utilization of new software

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) WordPress internals
    3) Wishlist Member
    4) CSS
    5) MySQL
    6) Photoshop
    7) Camtasia

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