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    WordPress Website Design by Virtually Marj
    Live Blog Training!

    My WordPress Website Design services were retained as part of a JV to establish a membership site that would permit access to premium content for paying webinar members. This venture occurred in 2009 so the training videos are now available at no cost but the site will remain in use for future webinars and my own premium content.


    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize Wordpress
    2) Customize WordPress Flex theme
    3) Design pages and load content for prescribed monetization tactics
    4) Implement Wishlist Member Plugin to secure video training content

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) PHP
    4) MySQL
    5) Photoshop
    6) WordPress internals


    After a brief introduction by a mutual friend, this businessman retained my WordPress Website Design services to develop a platform for his budding business and help the company establish an online presence.



    Project tasks:

    1) Install and optimize WordPress
    2) Design logo graphics
    3) Customize Studiopress Theme
    4) Design print materials including letterhead, businesscards, envelopes, marketing brochures.
    5) Load initial site content 6) Setup method for employees to access company sensitive information through the website

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) PHP
    4) MySQL
    5) WordPress internals
    6) Photoshop
    7) Adobe Illustrator

    Men's Gift Spot

    My services were retained to develop an Ecommerce website for Australian Gift site. Initially, we began with Magento but the software's complexity, along with the learning curve for shop owners, led me to research other shopping cart solutions.

    Shopperpress had just come on the market and I could see that it was a better WordPress Shopping Cart application than any of the others which I had used but that software didn't support gift certificates and a shopper wishlist. In my professional opinion, Shopperpress is more targeted for shop owners who want to import product links from affiliate programs like eBay or Amazon. As I was researching shopping cart application alternatives that would meet the requirements of this shop owner, I learned about and recommended the use of CS-Cart.

    Project tasks:

    1) Install CS-Cart
    2) Design custom skin
    3) Customize CS-Cart functionality
    4) Test and activate payment gateway (eWay)
    5) Page and logo graphics

    Skills required:

    1) HTML
    2) CSS
    3) Photoshop
    4) PHP
    5) MySQL
    6) CS-Cart Internals
    7) Ecommerce

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